Why HVAC Techs Don't Pass the NATE Exam

Why HVAC Techs Don't Pass the NATE Exam

by Ron Walker -
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Want to pass the NATE Certification Exam on the first try?

According to my conversation with a NATE representative, most technicians fail the NATE because of mathematics and electrical knowledge deficiencies. Here are some other reasons:

No pre-test study plan. Most of us wait until the last minute and cram for the test... bad idea for a test as tough as the NATE.

Timing. The NATE exam only gives you 1 minute and 28 seconds per question. If you begin to struggle early on in the exam, time quickly runs out before you can answer all of the questions.

Test taking skills. How long has it been since you've taken an exam? If you're like me, when the clock starts ticking your heart starts pounding and your brain STOPS working!

Our online training course will solve all of these problems and help you pass the NATE exam on the first try. Here's why:

  • Short reading assignments that can be accomplished in an evening.
  • Videos to help supplement the reading assignments.
  • End of module exams to test your knowledge. Immediate feedback on wrong answers.
  • Live help is available and can be scheduled to help you.
  • Practice your test taking skills with the timed end of course exam. With over 4000 questions in the question bank, you can practice over and over until you're confident.
  • You learn not memorize what you need to know.
  • Unlimited access until you are ready to test.